Kenyetta Stanford Jones received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota and her Juris Doctorate degree from the Thomas Cooley Law School.  Always intrigued with the criminal justice system, Kenyetta started her legal career as an intern in the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office in 2003.  She soon realized that public service was her passion and she accepted an appointment as an Assistant Prosecutor by Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy in November 2004.

Working in the prosecutor’s office that has the 10th largest case load in America, Kenyetta has litigated hundreds of felony offenses ranging from murder, assault with intent to murder, robbery, and criminal sexual conduct.  Throughout her 12 year tenure, she has been assigned to virtually every unit within the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, including the prestigious homicide unit; where she was responsible for the vertical prosecution of homicides in Wayne County.  As a Special Assigned Prosecutor, she often litigated complex, multiple defendant, and multiple jury, felony cases.  Currently, she is the Lead Attorney in the Arson Unit; where she also assists with training newly appointed prosecutors.

Kenyetta is married to David W. Jones, also an attorney, and partner at Allen Brothers, PLLC in Detroit.  Together they have two young daughters, Mychael and Ryleigh.  In her spare time, Kenyetta enjoys mentoring young people; challenging them and helping them reach their highest potential.  Kenyetta and her family reside in Northwest Detroit.