My Fellow Detroiters:

Welcome to my website. I am honored to announce my candidacy for the 36th District Court. As an Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor for the past 12 years, I believe seeking office as a Judge of the 36th District Court is a natural progression of my continued commitment to public service. Having practiced in various district and circuit courts, I recognize that there can never be enough professional, prepared and fair judges. Through my years as a practicing attorney, I’ve learned what the job requires!

For many, appearing in Court can be an unnerving, stressful and even frightening experience. It is important that citizens be served by a Court that is prompt, compassionate and impartial and to have their disputes resolved efficiently. Equally important, is a court that is open and transparent. If elected I will provide the citizens of Detroit with the diligent, impartial, professional service they deserve.

As a wife and mother, I am reminded daily of the importance of families and the need for public servants to meet their needs at the highest level of accountability. Families are the foundation of community well-being, and as such, they must be served with the utmost level of commitment and dignity. I pledge to do this.

Remember, the General Election will be on November 8, 2016. Thank you for visiting my website,, and please share with your friends and family. I am counting on your vote and I look forward to being your next 36th District Court Judge.

Sincerely yours,




Kenyetta Stanford Jones, Esq.
Candidate for 36th District Court


mike-dugganKenyetta Stanford Jones represents the best we have to offer; a Detroiter who completed her education, worked her way up in the prosecutor’s office, and gained experience in every area of the law – particularly those issues that affect Detroiters such as blight and arson. She is the perfect fit for 36th District Court because she will bring sensibility and impartiality to the bench.

Mike Duggan

kym worthyI am proud to endorse Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Kenyetta Stanford Jones for 36th District Court Judge. Kenyetta, currently the lead attorney of the Arson Unit, possess the perfect mix of integrity, temperament, and passion for the law.

Kym Worthy, Esquire

Judge Kevin F RobbinsAs a 36th District Court Judge, it is my privilege to endorse Kenyetta Stanford Jones for 36th District Court Judge. I’ve known Kenyetta for over 12 years. Her life reflects a positive family environment that has stressed education, humility and morality.

Kenyetta is extremely reliable and efficient, with a profound sense of professional responsibility to her career. She has developed into an excellent prosecutor and trial lawyer. Kenyetta has committed her entire career to the public service for the citizens of Detroit and Wayne County. As a Judge, Kenyetta would be a welcomed colleague to the 36th District Court.

Judge Kevin F. Robbins

I’m pleased to endorse Kenyetta Stanford Jones for 36th District Court  Judge. She has a wealth of legal experience as a Wayne County Prosecutor, and will apply the law in a fair and measured manner. As a native Detroiter, I am positive that her decisions will be consistent with the values of this community and ensure that our neighborhoods are safe and secure for our youth and seniors.

Dr. Lloyd C. Crews